The ALTENZO SPORTS COMFORTER+ is a unique asymmetrical tyre, designed and engineered in Australia for use on small, medium and large sedans and wagons. The expert design of the Sports Comforter+, allows for lower levels of rolling resistance, sharper steering response and improved tread wear. The ALTENZO ALVENTURER A/T is a well-balanced tire for both on-road & off-road driving. However, that does not mean this multi-functional tire is a neutral solution. It has never made compromise on any steering conditions. The special tread formula not only minimizes noises during urban driving but also provides extra ground grip in time of off-road exploration. The dotted lines designed with infinite element analysis technology remove mud & stones in an automatic & silent way. The irregular tread shoulder lugs greatly reduce noises even under high speed & provides extra grip in your challenging tour. The outstanding dentate side shoulder may bite pit side & help you get out of trouble. Stepped tread blocks also provides extra surface touched to the ground so as to get super grip on extreme road conditions. Together with twin sipes, this running system is always ready to provide ecstatic driving pleasure on any road & under any weather.

Product Feature


a well-balanced tire for both on-road & off-road driving..


The outstanding dentate side shoulder.


The outstanding dentate side shoulder.


Brief Model#PATTERNRimWidthAspectLOADSPEEDPly Rating
LT215/75R15Alventurer A/T15215mm75100/97R6
LT235/75R15Alventurer A/T15235mm75104/101Q6
31*10.50R15LTAlventurer A/T1510.5Inch75109R6
LT245/70R16Alventurer A/T16245mm70113/110R10
265/70R16Alventurer A/T16265mm70112SSL
LT265/70R16Alventurer A/T16265mm70121/118R10
265/75R16Alventurer A/T16265mm75116TSL
LT265/75R16Alventurer A/T16265mm75123/120R10
LT285/75R16Alventurer A/T16285mm75126/123R10
LT305/70R16Alventurer A/T16305mm70124/121R10
LT245/65R17Alventurer A/T17245mm65111/108R8
255/65R17Alventurer A/T17255mm65110SSL
LT255/65R17Alventurer A/T17255mm65114/110S10
265/65R17Alventurer A/T17265mm65112TSL
LT265/65R17Alventurer A/T17265mm65120/117R10
265/70R17Alventurer A/T17265mm70115TSL
LT265/70R17Alventurer A/T17265mm70121/118R10
285/70R17Alventurer A/T17285mm70116TSL
LT285/70R17Alventurer A/T17285mm70121/118R10
LT265/60R18Alventurer A/T18265mm60119/116R10
LT265/65R18Alventurer A/T18265mm65122/119R10


A: Yes, we are a leading-factory of wheels industry;

A: Three millions per year;

A: Gravity casting/ Low pressure casting/ Flow forged/ Forged

A: Passenger/ 4*4/ trailer/ ATV/UTV/MOTOR…ect.

A: Full paint as black/silver/gunmetal… Machine face/lip/Milling Polish/Chrome/Brush

A: a. normal casting wheels 100 pcs; b. forged wheels one set

A: Product code, SIZE, PCD, ET, CB , Finish, Quantity.

A: a. Normal casting wheels can accept samples from existing stock; b. Forged wheels can accept one set new production as sample;

A: a.FOB Ningbo; b. CIF/CFR; c. DDP

A: a. T/T-30% deposit,70% at sight of B/L b. L/C at sight; c. OA after insurance credit inspect;

A: a. JWL/VIA/JWL-T standard testing; b. ISO/TS16949, ISO14001 c. TUV/TSE/SAE according to exact market

A: a. Structure: warranty – lifetime b. Painting: warranty – two years;

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