PDW is committed to providing the best products and the best services. PDW’s services can be roughly divided into two main sections, one is about the product on which we have six outstanding quality services; the second is PDW’s extended services, these are more than what any other manufacturer offers.

First, the six outstanding quality services at product level are: design and product management, quality management, marketing support, capacity, delivery and communication

Professional Photo Shoots

PDW offers one of the best value added services in the wheel industry as we provide studio standard (3 angle) photo shoots for your wheel orders. This enhances and speeds up the introduction of your product to your customers even before your goods reach you. Just put the order into production and we’ll send you the photos as soon as it’s ready for shipment. Simplicity, speed and efficiency are the guidelines for PDW’s services.

Case 1: Product Photos

Standard photoshooting for 3 angles with studio white background for any PDW and/or custom Private Label wheels.

Case 2: Product Posters

Standard template poster layout for featured design for your advertising material usage.

Case 3: Product Videos

Standard studio type videography with 360 angle to showcase featured details for your digital advertising use.