PDW is committed to providing the best products and the best services. PDW’s services can be roughly divided into two main sections, one is about the product on which we have six outstanding quality services; the second is PDW’s extended services, these are more than what any other manufacturer offers.

Logistics Team

The company has a professional logistics team, professional and high-quality logistics services, and diversified trade export methods (FOB, CIF, DOOR TO DOOR, etc.) to meet the different needs of customers.

Provide Quality Solutions

Flexibly grasp market information, minimize transportation costs, and provide optimal sea or air transportation solutions.

Provide 24-hour Online Tracking Of Goods

Transparent quotation system and fair destination port charging standards, as well as destination port customs clearance worry-free service, provide 24-hour online tracking of goods.

One-stop Services

The team has more professional services, lower transportation costs, and higher service quality. It provides one-stop services for the import and export of major global routes by sea, as well as declaration of trailers, customs declaration and overseas segments.