PDW is a leading global wheel and tire supply and solutions company

Zhejiang PDW Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in alloy wheels, motorcycle wheels and components and tire composition. The company’s facilities include two production plants in Zhejiang Province, a distribution network in more than 60 countries, and more than 1,000 employees working for the company worldwide.

With a focus on management and innovation, PDW holds more than 100 patents and has ISO TS16949, Japanese JWL VIA and German TUV certification status. In addition, PDW has been awarded the titles of “Industry Leading Enterprise”, “Top Tax Contributor”, “Top 3 Exporters” and “National High-Tech Enterprise” by the government.

From product development to customer service and marketing, PDW’s expertise and professionalism are the keys to success.PDW is focused on growing its business and creating value by developing high quality and advanced products and services while reducing its impact on the environment. In achieving its goals, PDW strives to combine financial profitability with social responsibility.

Today, PDW is a recognized brand in the automotive industry in more than 30 countries. Australia is home to the PDW and Altenzo brands and can be widely seen in most local retail stores and chains across the country. PDW is also the official wheel sponsor of the Yokohama V8 Ute racing series and Altenzo tires are the official sponsor of the Armor All Bathurst 12 hour endurance racing series.


Complete range of wheels, tyres and accessories.


Cost advantage through lean production and automation, cost reduction by levaraging bulk purchase.


High quality product and design service by professional quality control system.


High efficient global logistics service and quick response customer service.





The company culture consists of three parts: Mission, Vision, and Values.

The company culture consists of three parts: Mission, Vision, and Values. These corporate cultures are the unique cultural identity of PDW, the soul of PDW, and are reflected in every aspect of the daily operation of every PDW employee, driving PDW forward.

To realize your dreams by realizing our PDW dreams

A person can only achieve his or her personal goals and dreams in life by knowing them and seeking and constantly striving to achieve them. A company knows its mission and vision and operates sustainably through healthy growth.
PDW Group’s mission is “to make your dreams come true by making ours come true”. Since the company was founded in 1983, our employees have been with the company for over 30 years, realizing our dreams and making our company the great company it is today. With such a strong and solid platform, we are able to reach higher and farther to achieve our ultimate dream.

International brand global channel eternal company

Our company’s vision is to build a century-old company with our own unique brand and excellent quality to stand out in the fierce competition of the automotive industry. PDW mainly focuses on alloy wheels and tires as our core industry, pursuing diversification and branding strategy in the industry, establishing our own marketing and agency channels worldwide, and providing the best products to dealers and consumers through our strong platform.

Integrity, Love, Responsibility, Win-win

We believe that integrity is the basic foundation of a company and a person. We follow human ethics and only work with companies and people who carry the same values.


A healthy company culture of love, respect, trust, understanding, help and assistance builds a strong institution that communicates harmoniously like a family.


simply because we care, as a person for ourselves and our families. We select only the best quality employees who can be responsible for themselves, their families and the company, and for society.


creating a mutual establishment from economic development to ecology. We practice a symbiotic culture with the aim of creating a way of thinking whose sole purpose is to be transparent, honest and trustworthy in our daily work and to be able to find common ground and to be able to help others by helping ourselves.

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