PDW is committed to providing the best products and the best services. PDW’s services can be roughly divided into two main sections, one is about the product on which we have six outstanding quality services; the second is PDW’s extended services, these are more than what any other manufacturer offers.

First, the six outstanding quality services at product level are: design and product management, quality management, marketing support, capacity, delivery and communication


PDW has a complete team to meet all your needs. We at PDW extend our services by arranging custom private label merchandise such as hats, shirts, stationery, gifts, umbrellas and anything that falls into the merchandise category you want, we’ll find it. This is to strengthen your brand building and support your business without the hassle of you having to coordinate and communicate with each individual vendor.

TPMS Stand

Fast assembly


High glossy surface


Well presents TPMS products


Material: Acrylics
Size: 260* 215mm

Post With Gum Back

Fast post


Easy to use


Each set contains 6 posters


Material: self-adhesive

Vacuum Mug

Stainless steel bottle


Anti fingure print surface treatment


Lid with opening button & locking system


Volume: 500ml
Materials: PP+stainless

Fleece Vest

Novel and fashionable design


Deep warmth


The material is soft and delicate, the texture is comfortable
Colour: Mild blue
Material: Fleece


High density cloth


3 layer foldable design


Strengthened steel structure


Size:packing 25*4cm opening: 65*100cm
Material: polyester cloth + steel bone