PDW has very strict standards and procedures for quality control of our products, and we do not let go of every step in the production.The quality of PDW's products is officially superior because the following nine-step production process is strictly adhered to:
Step 1
Raw aluminum is shipped into the factory for processing and QC will check for the quality of the aluminum and discard any pieces of aluminum that do not meet standards as all supplied materials requires certificate of quality and inspection.
Step 2
Raw material chemical analysis along with QC inspection, the raw material undergoes some comprehensive chemical checks to ensure its authenticity. Machines test of component, density and pinhole are carried out on the molten aluminum.
Step 3
With the approved aluminum is moved into the furnace oven to start the melting process. This is a quick process that takes 10 to 30 minutes to melt the aluminum into a workable material for X-ray inspection to check for quality, as well as for any damage or defects.
Step 4
Microstructure inspection will be tested after Heat Treatment process such as elongation and metallographic tests and reports to ensure all the mechanical properties of the product are fully qualified for production.
Step 5
Full inspection of key dimensions during processing to ensure that product accuracy meets high standard requirements.
Step 6
Full inspection of product uniformity and dynamic balance to ensure safety and comfort during product use.
Step 7
All products are tested air leakage on each product during manufacturing process.
Step 8
Each product will undergo multiple coating inspections including cross grids, coating hardness, salt spray test ensuring each product is bright and smooth surface.
Step 9
All finished product with the above inspections will then move to physical testing facility to undergo three major tests of impact testing, cornering fatigue testing and radial fatigue testing during development to ensure product structure optimal performance.