PDW, as a responsible and committed company, is also at the forefront of the industry in terms of environmental awareness. We have our own unique solutions for the treatment of waste water, waste gas, solid waste and noise generated in production.


The wastewater from spray painting is recycled after being treated by special water treatment facilities that is regularly discharged to the treatment station within the factory vicinity. All wastewater collected will be inspected, pretreated, and discharged regularly and the waste will be disposed through the sewage pipe tank.
The toilet sewage is treated by the septic tank, and the oily wastewater from the cafeteria is treated by the grease trap and connected to the park sewage pipe network together with other domestic sewage. The production wastewater discharge outlet of the factory facility has installed online monitoring facilities and is connected to the local ecological environment department.

Exhaust gas

The melting and holding furnace are respectively equipped with water spray facilities, and each is equipped with an exhaust pipe, the gas waste from the heat treatment line and pre-treatment line is also equipped with an exhaust pipe; the coarse and fine grinding dust is equipped with water spray facilities, equipped with exhaust pipe. The shot blasting dust is discharged through the 25m high exhaust pipe after being treated by the “filter bag” treatment facility; the plastic spray dust is recovered by the filter cylinder and then treated by the bag filter and then led to the roof with the 25m high exhaust pipe for discharge. After collection, it is discharged at high altitude through two exhaust pipes; onsite grinding dust is collected and then connected to the water spray facility for treatment and then discharged in the workshop. The painting, paint mixing, and leveling processes are collected by suction in the closed painting production line. After the waste gas is removed by the “water curtain”, the paint mist is removed, and the drying waste gas is treated by the “water spray + dry filtration + zeolite runner concentration + RTO” system. It is discharged through a 25m high exhaust pipe. The canteen cooking and oil fumes is discharged through a 15m high exhaust pipe after being treated by a purifying filter.


The manufacturing floor selects low-noise equipment and arranges the main high-noise equipment such as machining in the middle of the workshop. In addition, the company has also formulated a system for regular maintenance of equipment to strengthen the daily maintenance and update of equipment to ensure that it is in optimal working condition.

Solid waste

The general solid waste generated by the facility is handed over to the material recycling unit or the local sanitation department for removal and transportation; the hazardous waste and other in-plant specifications are temporarily stored and regularly handed over to Zhejiang Yulong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. for safe disposal after collection.