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A beadlock is a mechanical device that secures the bead of a tyre to the wheel. When inflated, the pressure pushes the bead of the tyre against the inner wheel rim enhance the clamping force on the tyre bead from the ring and withstand extreme side loads for maximum tractions.Beadlock wheels secure the bead of a tyre to the wheel to lock it in place. While friction and air pressure typically keep the tyre properly aligned with the wheel, beadlock attach to the bead of the tyre in order to prevent the bead from separating, basically “locking” the tyre in place.The advantage of beadlock wheel is to be able to get maximum traction out of your tyres and allow you to run on lower air pressure without the risk of a tyre rolling off from the wheel.Check out our latest design available with forged bead lock system:https://www.pdwgroup.com/DAKAR_FXB.htmlhttps://www.pdwgroup.com/BAJA-FXB.html
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PDW Wheels has extended its newest technology to the latest manufacturing process that incorporates monoblock casting method with spin forming technology to improve the material properties and enhances the overall strength of our wheels. PDW FLOWFORGED process impacts the micro-structure of aluminium by utilising hydraulic rollers to stretch, compress and form the entire wheel barrel, ultimately increasing the tensile strength and elongation properties. The end product is a lighter, stronger wheel that has an increased load capacity over the casting wheels. This process provides up to 25% weight reduction compared to a normal casting wheel.
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The 128th Session of Canton Fair scheduled online from October 15th to 24th. NEWS
The 128th China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, will be held online from October 15th to 24th. Holding the session online will enable the Fair to further play its role as a platform for all-round opening-up, and promote the stable and healthy development of foreign trade amid epidemic control while focusing on industrial and supply chains in the sector. Q: How to register?A: Click the link to enter the buyer registration on the official website of the Canton Fair: https://www.cantonfair.org.cn/en/buyerThen search for “PDW” on the official website of the Canton Fair.After login, you can search interested exhibitor or exhibit on the homepage.Enter company name or booth number to find your old friend.You can submit sourcing request of a specific exhibit directly or go to Supply & Demand Hall to do so and the system will match exhibits for you.You can also schedule an appointment with an exhibitor to talk in a face-to-face video meeting.Click "Exhibitor on Live" to watch exhibitors' live streaming, subscribe to it and replay.Buyers can invite friends to register and attend by sending exclusive "i-Invite" link in the Buyer Service Platform.
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Join our live channel at PDW Online Canton Fair NEWS
The 127th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) will be held online from June 15 to 24 for a period of 10 days. This will be the first time that the oldest trade fair in China will be held entirely online, to enable domestic and foreign merchants to place orders and do business without leaving home, and to better play the role of the Canton Fair as an all-round open platform.We Zhejiang PDW Industrial Co., Ltd. is a company specialising in the production of automobile wheels. We have professional host that will feature our latest products introduction with sales promotion on various selection in the automotive industry. Our broadcast channel are live and interactive, all our audience will be able to comment on the online channel and our host will be able to reply and explain in the form of oral broadcast.Buyers and visitors can enter the online platform through the Canton Fair official website to log in and register. You can watch the conference news and official information release on the official website homepage and watch the official event live broadcasts including launching ceremonies, industry summits, new product releases and many more. Subscribe to any live broadcasts of interest at any time and receive reminders before the live broadcast.Q: How to register?A: Click the link to enter the buyer registration on the official website of the Canton Fair: https://invitation.cantonfair.org.cn/Then search for “PDW” on the official website of the Canton Fair.
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The KRATER is an everyday 6-lug type application design, an expansion of our AFTERMARKET product line up to the truck and SUV market. Using the same PDW Low Pressure casting technology as the rest of the series, the KRATER is now available on floor stock, up for grabs with massive stock clearance + price reduction this month only.Specifications:Size: 16x7.5JET: 15PCD: 6/139.7CB: 110Finish: Gloss Black Machine FaceLimited time offers ends July 31. Contact your sales representative for more info!
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IT’S A WRAP! With this year’s INFINITE POSSIBILITIES theme, we are proving that we are constantly changing for the better, improving and strengthen our core business with multi-million dollar investments back into our facility to ensure that we have everything we need to cater our clients with infinite possibilities. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our distributors and customers for attending our 2018 Global Conference. It was one of the best yet with abundance of great company and memories together as a family. Here is a recap summary of the conference. Again, thank you for your support and because of you, there is PDW. Enjoy!
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