Company Mission: Creating business, materializing dream.
An individual only knows their personal life goals and dream and achieve them by seeking and constant strive. An enterprise knows its mission and vision by healthy development to fulfill sustainable operation.

Dawning’s (aka Shuguang) mission – “creating business, materializing dream”. Since the company was founded, our employee that has been with us for more than 30 years has materialized our dream and made our company a great enterprise today.

With such strong and solid platform that we have built, we are able to reach further and higher to achieve our ultimate dream together as a family – PDW family.


Company Vision: World-class brand, global resources, infinite Dawning.
Our company vision is to built to last a hundred years, has their own unique brand, brands excellency that stands out from the rest of our competitive and intense competition in the automotive industry.

Dawning focuses mainly on  alloy wheels and tires as our core industry, carrying out diverse development and brand strategy within the industry, establishing our own marketing and agent channels throughout the globe, and through our strong platform to provide dealers and consumers the best of the best.


Company Value: Responsible, good service, teamwork, passion, win-win, vision
Responsible – simply because we care, as an individual for ourselves and for our family. We only select the best quality employees who can be responsible for themselves, their family, and their company and to the society.

Good Service – to establish a customer-oriented service consciousness, an high understanding service to be able to provide our customers satisfied at a professional and personal level.

Teamwork – a strong establishment with a healthy teamwork with positive atmosphere involving mutual respect, trust, understanding, help and assistance, and a harmonious communication as a family.

Win-win – to create a mutual establishment from economic development to ecological environment, we practice co-existence way of thinking in order to create such mentality. Sole purpose is to be transparent, honest and trustworthy on a daily basis to be able to find the common ground to be able to help others by helping ourselves.

Vision – is to make permanent decision based on practicality, not temporary emotions, without interference from personal opinion and bias judgment. We practice a strong vision in order to built our platform to where we are today.