The OASIS-XT wheel from PDW is the latest in our line of wheels that employ professional manufacturing technology. 
Our PDW manufacturing process alters the molecular structure of the aluminum alloy in a way that increases its strength. 
That strength allows PDW engineers to reduce the thickness of the outer barrel, reducing rotational mass.
Just as innovative as its manufacturing process is the OASIS-XT design, a brilliant starburst of ten ultra narrow beveled spokes that is as visually light as its actual weight. 
The OASIS-XT is stunning, executed in any custom finish that you desire.
The OASIS-XT is available in multiple sizes from 15" to 19". Multiple widths make possible a staggered fitment, which involves rear wheels slightly wider than front wheels. 
Staggered fitments combine the visual appeal of a more aggressive stance with added traction under cornering and acceleration achieved through mounting wider tires.
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