PDW Non-Slip Silicone Drink Coaster Set

PDW Non-Slip Silicone Drink Coaster Set - PDW Lifestyle Product.

Keep your favorite cold drinks and hot beverages close at hand while still protecting your kitchen and dining surfaces with the PDW Silicone Coasters Set. The round coasters feature a wheel pattern design to keep condensation off your countertops and tables. Standard size and classic black design matches any home or office.

Non-slip grip ensures that your glass, mug, or cup stays in place and helps prevent spills. Leisurely sip your drink and avoid the headache of spills, wine stains, broken glassware or unsightly water ring stains on your tabletops.

Easy to clean: Coasters are dishwasher-safe. Or it can be wiped down or hand washed.
Our silicone coasters are FDA approved and BPA free. 
Silicone is resistant to odors, flavors and stains, and our coasters are waterproof and leak-proof, so you can rest assured that your kitchen surfaces.

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